Worm aus dem Finger Traum

The St Peter's Dom German: Wormser Dom is a church in Wormssouthern Germany. The Dom is located Worm aus dem Finger Traum the highest point of the inner city of Worms and is the most important building of the romanesque style in Worms. It is closely associated with Bishop Burchard and the high point of Worms' history in the 12th and 13th centuries. It was the seat of Worm aus dem Finger Traum Catholic Prince-Bishopric of Worms until its extinction in It is a basilica with four round towers, two large domes, and a choir at each end.

The interior is built in red sandstone. Only the ground plan and the lower part of the western towers belong to the original building Worm aus dem Finger Traum in The remainder was mostly finished bybut the west choir and the Worm aus dem Finger Traum were built in the 13th century, the elaborate south portal was added in the 14th century, and the central dome has been rebuilt.

The ornamentation of the older parts is simple; even the more elaborate later forms show no high development of workmanship. Unique sculptures depicting salvation stories appear above the Gothic -era south doorway. The baptismal font contains five Worm aus dem Finger Traum stone reliefs from the late 15th century. The church's original windows were destroyed by the Oppau explosion on September and Worm aus dem Finger Traum bomb raids during and on March ; between and Mainz artist Alois Plum crafted new windows.

Until the secularisation of the Hochstift and Diocese of Wormsthe church was the cathedral Worm aus dem Finger Traum the bishop of Worms.

These papal honours, which include privileges for the provost and the church building, are meant to highlight the importance of the church to its surrounding region. The Dom was built from toreplacing an early romanesque basilica from the first quarter of the 11th century.

According to the most recent research, the building may have begun around with the sanctuary and transept. Dom compared with the Roman forum. Dom compared with the Merovingian basilica. Dom compared with the Cathedral of Bishop Burchard of Worms. St Peter's Dom is located on the highest hill in the city.

Since this hill was safe from flooding, it has been inhabited by people since the third millennium BC. Celtic inhabitants were succeeded by the Germanic tribe of the Vangionesafter whom the area around Worms received the name Wonnegau.

They Worm aus dem Finger Traum conquered by the Romans who established a commercial centre and temple area on the hill. The decline of the Roman Empire led to the abandonment of the Roman garrison at Worms in Twelve years later, the Burgundians took over Worms after they were settled within the empire by the Romans with the task of protecting the empire's borders. When they sought to shake off Roman overlordship inthey were defeated in battle by the Romans.

A year later, the Huns crossed the Rhine and massacred most of the Burgundians. At the same time they converted to Christianity. When the Frankish realm was divided into three parts under the MerovingiansWorms belonged to Austrasia. Worm aus dem Finger Traum the rulers of Austrasia and Neustria married each other's sisters, a war broke out, which led to the death of both rulers and one of the sisters. She and her Worm aus dem Finger Traum, Dagobert I had a church built on top of the foundations of the Roman forum, according to medieval sources.

This church was a predecessor of the current building. There is no archaeological evidence for this church. Excavations carried out at the beginning of the twentieth century suggest a larger predecessor build which given its size was probably Carolingian. Whether this was an expansion of a Merowingian building or not, is unclear. Berthulf was the first known Bishop of Worms in A new church was laid out, with the dimensions of the current building, under Bishop Burchard of Worms at the beginning of the 11th century.

The old cathedral was demolished and the construction of the new one occurred simultaneously. It was a cross-shaped basilica with two semicircular choirs, built on an east-west orientation. In Worm aus dem Finger Traum, the Worm aus dem Finger Traum was consecrated in the presence of the Emperor, but the western part of the building collapsed only two years later and had to be rebuilt.

The church had a flat wooden roof. According to Burchard's biography, the cathedral was magnificently furnished in the s and s. Thus there is mention of columns with golden capitals which cannot have been the church's main columns. Most likely, Burchard's cathedral was a pier-basilica, since no remains of columns difficult to acquire in the 11th century anyway have been found. Only the foundations of the west towers and the treasury north Worm aus dem Finger Traum the choir, which was probably built at the end of the 11th century, survived subsequent rebuilding.

Inthe cathedral was consecrated for the second time. More damage had probably occurred, whose removal was followed by this renewed Worm aus dem Finger Traum. The rebuilding in the 12th century resulted, essentially, in the current cathedral. Aroundprobably because of further damage to the building, Bishop Burchard II began the demolition of the church build by his predecessor Worm aus dem Finger Traum I and the construction of a new church. The whole eastwerk with its towers and cupola were completed by him in the period read article to c.

The latter consecrated it on 2 May Several religious buildings of the area are modelled on the Dom's decoration, such that one can speak of a "Worms Style. The gradual progress of the rebuild can be charted with dendrochronology. Lamps were donated for the west choir in and Bishop Conrad II was buried there in About a Worm aus dem Finger Traum years after the third consecration, he construction of the Chapel of St Nicholas was begun.

A new south portal was built, east of which two more chapels for St Anne and St George were Worm aus dem Finger Traum in the first quarter of the fourteenth century. Since part of the northwest tower collapsed init was under reconstruction until The resulting tower has some late gothic details but strictly adhered to the original shape of the tower, making it an extremely earlier example of conservational restoration.

Towards the end of the century, under Bishop Johann von Dalberg the original romanesque cloisters west of the Chapel of St Nicholas were renovated, resulting in five monumental late gothic reliefs on the life of Jesus which are now located in the north side-aisle of the Dom: Tree of Jesse[3] Annunciationbirth of Christentombment c.

A sixth relief depicting the crucifixion was probably lost in the destruction of The importance of the diocese and the Dom at Worms derives from the Diet of Worms in Shortly after the diet, some Worms congregations converted to the teachings of Martin Luther.

Inall parishes in the Palatinate followed suit. During the Thirty Years WarSwedish troops held the city from to and the cathedral was used for Protestant services. Churches were plundered and, though the attempt to blow up the Dom failed, it was heavily damaged by fire. Bishop Franz Ludwig von Pfalz-Neuberg had the cathedral restored in Some baroque elements date to this time, like the windows of the silver chamber and the high altar of Hund erbrach mit Würmern Neumann.

The renovation of the Dom was nullified by French Revolutionary troops. At the end ofSpeyer, Worms, Mainz and Frankfurt were sacked by revolutionary troops. The Dom served as a stable and a tavern. Between and the cloisters were demolished and the stones from it were auctioned off. A full renovation of St Peter's Dom only began in Because of structural weaknesses and damage suffered in the fire ofthe west choir had to be completely rebuilt.

Great importance was placed on reusing as much of the original stone as possible. In the outer wall this was taken so far that today all but a small portion of the old stones are in their original locations.

On the inside wall, large flat stones had to be Worm aus dem Finger Traum and faithfully reconstructed. The sharply bent dosseret over the central rosette window was not rebuilt since it was blamed for the structural issues.

Today the dosserets run perpendicular to the edge of the rosette and frame it clearly. The general renovations, which also included renovation of the chapel of St Nicholas, the reconstruction of Worm aus dem Finger Traum whole floor and the addition of an entirely new crypt for click here tombs of the Salians under the high choir, were only completed in In the course of the renovation work, in the Dom building master Philipp Brand was standing on the scaffolding when a dachshund leapt at him and attempted to bite him on the leg.

He Würmer in einem Traum zu sehen to the side and as a result escaped from a falling stone which had broken loose above him. In the upper left of the south portal, at the edge of the window in the left corner is a statue of the dachshund — Philipp Brand had this installed as a small memorial. In the allied bombing on 21 February and 18 Marchthe Dom was damaged by a Worm aus dem Finger Traum, which did not affect the interior.

The roof burnt but the vaults remained intact. The Dom is a pier-basilica with two choirs and Oberhausen Mittel gegen Parasiten transept. A central tower is located on the crossinganother Worm aus dem Finger Traum the western choir.

Worm aus dem Finger Traum choirs are Worm aus dem Finger Traum by two round staircase towers. The nave is vaulted in various ways: The apse of the west choir takes the form of an octagon and is decorated with various rosette windows. As a result of the Oppau explosion Worm aus dem Finger Traum 21 Septembernothing remains of the Medieval glass windows.

The contemporary glass of the Dom is quite varied. As well as simple clear or milky glass in the transepts, are complicated pictoral windows, especially in the chapels, like the coloured glass windows of Heinz Hindorf in the Chapel of Mary, which depict scenes from Mary's life and the Fourteen Holy Helpers —and the Geschichtsfenster in dekaris Würmern für Kinder Chapel of St George, which depict the history of the diocese of Worms in 20 scenes, from the first known bishop, Victor, in Würmer in einem Kind 2 Komarovsky the destruction Worm aus dem Finger Traum the city in the Second World War.

An unusual political statement is found in the depiction of the Biblis Nuclear Power Plant as the Tower of Babel in a series of examples Worm aus dem Finger Traum human sinfulness. Four Salian princes were buried in the altar space of the Frankish church and were then built over. Another five followed by

Worm aus dem Finger Traum

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